See Our Booths In Action

See Our Booths In Action

Check out some of our videos to learn more about our company and what we offer. See our booths in action, view the simple set up process and get a glimpse of how green screen and flip books work.

Premium Support

Premium Support

You can count on our customer support team to walk you through the process of setting up your booth and preparing for your first events. We’re available to provide guidance and help you every step of the way.

What They’re Raving About

What They’re Raving About

Hear from Your City Photo Booth owners on how our best-in-class photo booths and top-notch customer service has helped them grow their businesses in over-crowded markets.

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Your City Photo Booth is one of the largest distributors of photo booths in the United States.  Our flagship booth is one of the most functional photo booths on the market today.

On top of a great product, our full-time support team is readily available to provide help and guidance to our customers.   We are here for your SUCCESS!

We know this business inside and out and test our product in real world scenarios through our very large rental business in Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester New York  (  When you purchase a booth from us, you are also purchasing our knowledge of the business. We provide you with a list of every vendor we use from glue sticks to printer media. We continually improve our product and help you implement it.

Remember its your city, your party, your photo booth…we are here to help you make it your own!

Here are just a few reasons our booth should be your only consideration:

  • Portability
  • Set up in 5 minutes
  • Includes social media features
  • Ipad Integration
  • Included lifetime customer support
  • Light-up photo booth marquee on both sides
  • Built-in prop drawer
  • Facial Recognition in software
  • Create custom layouts in program
  • Create custom welcome screens in program
  • Solid construction with superior quality materials


We now offer financing through a great third party vendor. Own one of our booths for less than $200 per month.

We offer:

Instant Credit Approvals

Works with Start Up Businesses

Credit Scores 580+

Minimum Finance of $1000.00

Apply today by clicking the button below

Your City Photo Booth offers financing! Click here to apply!

Have questions about financing? Contact James at 480-320-3530 or e-mail at

From the start Jeff has been an invaluable asset to getting this service off the ground.  He was patient and attentive with the questions we had along the way.  Even after the purchase he has been there to answer questions, which is truly remarkable.  His booths durability, simplicity is unrivaled; it because of this and his service that we will buy our next booth from him.  Giving him a call before we bought was the best thing we have ever done.

Appreciate everything Jeff, look forward to our next purchase!

Scott Scott

Flickers Rentals